StemTech Compensation Plan
Point Value (PV) :
the value assigned to each product purchased in order to meet qualification criteria for commissions.
Personal Point Value (PPV) :
the PV from your personal orders and the orders of your retail-direct customers.
Group Point Value (GPV) :
your personal PV, plus the PV of your downline distributors who are not under a Director or higher.
Organization Point Value (OPV) :
your PPV, plus the PPV of your entire 7-level AutoShip uni-level.
Organization Group Volume (OGV) :
your GPV, plus the GPV of your Director legs through 6 generations.
AutoShip PV :
counts towards StepUp OGV, but StepUp OGV does not count towards AutoShip OPV.
Bonus Value (BV) :
the value assigned to each product purchased for purposes of calculating commission payments.

Detailed Compensation Plan
Please login to your back office to access the plan details.

Distributor Business Suite :
  • Personal Website
  • Retail Shopping Cart
  • BackOffice Tracking/Mgt Tools/Reports
  • US$129.95 One-Time SetUp Fee [included in FastStart Pack]
  • US$9.95/month ongoing Fee [waived if on AutoShip]


Fast Start Program
  • 1 Case (6) Stem Enhance
  • Distributor Kit
  • 10 Brochures
  • Business Suite (as above)
  • A $400 value and extra PV.
  • Offer available one time only, at sign up.
  • Need to be on AutoShip to qualify for FS bonuses.
Sponsor's and Upline Director's Bonuses
on Fast Start Packs
  • $50 to Sponsor (Paid weekly if DIrect Deposit is set up)
  • $25 to the first Director upline
  • $5 to 5 generations upline
  • If Sponsor is also a Director, they get both the $50 and the $25 for a $75 total.


AutoShip Program
  • Compression applies on inactive distributors
  • US$9.95/mo Distributor Business Suite fee waived while on ASP
  • Volume also counts in StepUp for advancement and qualification
  • All fully-qualified personally sponsored 1st level Director AutoShip volume counts towards GPV requirement on StepUp, up to 200 PPV each

StepUp Generational Program
  • Title acheivement is retroactive to the first of the month
  • All fully-qualified personally sponsored first level Dir ASP volume counts towards PGV up to 200 PPV each
  • Director push up requires at least 1,000 GPV from legs outside new Dir leg
  • Roll up doesn't count towards title advancement
  • Roll up of volume to GPV counts towards maintenance
  • Compression on volume from non-qualified distributors
  • Partial qual of 500 GPV gives 50% of check if at least 1 fully-qualified Director leg
  • Partial qual of 250 GPV gives 25% of check if at least 3 fully-qualified Director legs
  • **OGV no more than 50% from any one leg